Re: [Evolution] Problems with Evolution 0.5

The Sent folder issue should be easily fixed by the following commands:

mkdir ~/evolution/local/Sent
touch ~/evolution/local/Sent/mbox

The next time you start Evolution, that warning should go away.

As far as the pspell warning, that can probably be ignored - it's an
extra nicity if you have aspell/pspell installed that will underline
misspelled words as you type your email and such.

I'm not sure about the other problems...


      I just upgraded to Evolution 0.5 and I noticed things
that have broken since 0.4.1.

1) I get a dialog upon startup that says
Error while 'Loading sent Folder':
Could not create folder '/mbox':
No such file or directory.

2) The address book crashes whenever I bring it up.  Either by
directly opening the address book or hitting the compose button.
I also get these messages that I haven't seen before whenever
the addressbook crashes:

gtkhtml-WARNING **: pspell error: I'm sorry I can't find any sutable word
lists for the language-tag "en".

However, when it crashes when I hit the contacts button it also
seems to crash the evolution shell.

I should also mention that the versions of the various support
libraries are exactly what is mentioned in the email releasing 
evolution 0.5.  And there are no other warnings of any kind
when running evolution-addressbook in another window.

David F. Newman
dnewman maraudingpirates org
If you think C++ is not overly complicated, just what is a protected
abstract virtual base pure virtual private destructor, and when
was the last time you needed one?
                -- Tom Cargil, C++ Journal.

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