[Evolution] Re: wishlists

* Offline IMAP support please?  something like Outlook Express 5 would
be very nice.

As Ettore mentioned, I'm working on this, although for 0.5 it may only
be "IMAP caching to local disk support", and certainly won't be as
configurable as OE5's.

* The ability to associate an identity with each account would be very
handy, so when I check my home mail I can send mail from
ross burton mail com, but when I check work mail it uses
r burton 180sw com by default.

That's planned.

Will there be drag'n'drop support from calendar? will i be able to
drag a calendar appointment to a mail send it to a colleage and they
can then drop it onto their calendar?

Eventually. I don't know for sure about the timeframe, but this is
part of what the move from vcalendar to icalendar was for. There's an
RFC-specified protocol for doing just this.

Ditto for other drag and drop operations.

1. Do not expan all threads by default.
3. Remmeber state of From, Subject etc tabs. Eac time I place them teh
way I wantm after estart they are back.

Yeah, we are definitely aware that we need to add more configurable
options to the mailer, and make it remember your configuration more.

2. After Check email has been done, a simple number next to a older name
displaying number of new emails

This has been on our "do this real soon" list since 0.2 or so, but to
make it actually possible requires some architectural changes in the
Shell, which Ettore has been working on. 0.5 ought to have this

2. Less memory requirements.

One of the big memory problems right now is that the folder indexes
are kept in memory all the time. This will be fixed in 0.5.

another wish would be: Just copy OutlookExpres the way it is and all
Linux community will be happy.

Ha! :). Lots of people would be angry just on general principles, and
lots of people would be angry because we didn't implement their
particular favorite feature. You can never make everyone happy.

-- Dan

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