RE: [Evolution] Crash when composing email and arriving IMAP mail

Mikolaj J. Habryn wrote:
  Hmm. How did you manage to get a stack trace out of it? Evolution
keeps popping up nice windows to tell me that some component committed
seppuku, but that isn't entirely useful from a debugging

That crash conveniently left a core file in my home directory, which
I was then able to debug using gdb.  [I'm assuming you know how to use
gdb to get a backtrace; if not, the best thing to do is to use Jacob's
amazing bug-buddy program to do it for you.  Just open up your home
directory in GMC, double-click on the core icon with the yucky face, and
follow the directions.]

Oddly enough, I don't consistantly find core files after the dreaded
"component crashed" dialogs -- I'm not sure why.  It would also be
*really* nice if when evolution-mail or the other components crashed,
the gnome-segv/bug-buddy sequence was run.  Maybe the Evolution hackers
could either (a) put that into the next preview release, or (b) clue
us in why it Can't Be Done (hint, hint).



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