[Evolution] Re: [Evolution-hackers] Regex filters

The same should be done for the s-exp input, alhtough i doubt anyone
uses it really (considering how undocumented it is for starters).
And right now there isn't a way to validate them anyway in th e
e-sexp api.

So, not real important, but should probably be noted somewhere outside
my head.


So, "matches regex" and "does not match regex" are new option menu items.

When 0.7 is release (or if you run current CVS), it will be necessary for
everyone who has modified their filters to modify their filters yet again.
If you want to continue using the regex patern, you'll need to select the
appropriate option-menu item, else you'll have to take out the escape

I'm really sorry for the confusion,

Anyway, this is really confusing to users.  We should validate the
regular expression when the user hits OK in the filter dialog, and
invalid regular expressions should not be accepted at all.  I am going
to file this into Bugzilla right now.


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