Re: [Evolution] Shortcut creation and other minor issues.

Now, after all the buttering, I still have a few silly problems. 
When I
drag a folder from the folders view, the one I drag (and that is
selected) doesn't not get created.  Some other random one gets
created.  Ex: Grad "saved" from a IMAP source and drag it to the
shortcut bar.  "Trash" gets created.  Strange, but I'm sure a simple

I also had this problem. It went away when I deleted the mail source
the directory for that imap server under ~/evolution/mail/imap and let
evolution rebuild it  by adding the mail source again. I am just
guessing but suspect it may be to do with the imap directory structure
changing between invocations of evolution. 

Okay, well, I tried that it and it worked _better_, but still not
Most of my folders can create it's proper shortcut, but the one I have
"root" still doesn't work.  It'll make different shortcuts.  

Strange, I had this problem a couple of days ago, but it went away with
some recent update.  (I updated from anonCVS last night)

p.s. The (lack of) word wrap problem still happens in "pre" mode but
works great in "Normal" mode.

It's not supposed to wrap in "pre" mode, that's a design feature.  What
I do (and what evolution should figure out how to do) is go into
"normal" mode by for stuff that I add to the message, rather than
keeping it in "pre" mode.  I've thought about this, but I can't figure
out an algorithm for determining when to go back to normal mode.


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