[Evolution] previw 7 contacts manager still buggy

I just filed a bug report:
Basically, I stopped using the Contacts Manager with Preview 6, because it was unusable: it crashed as soon as I clicked on "Contacts" in the Folders Bar.
I hoped it would be better with Preview 7: no way, crash-on-click is still the rule.

I even tried to transform my addressbook.db file in a big vcard-attached mail, appended to my ~/evolution/local/Inbox/mbox file, and to start afresh a new addressbook.db by clicking on "save to addressbook" for each vcard, and it's still crashland.

I can forward my vcard-attached mail, my addressbook.db to whoever wants to check them (ahem, please don't use it to send your spam-mail :o)

I think I still have to wait several months for Preview 8, and hope it will be ok this time.


PS: and nobody else seems to have trouble with this ! Am I alone ?

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