[Evolution] Evolutions choice of Browser?

i have been using evolution on my redhat 6.2 system (Crashes nearly every time,
alot when trying to do contacts) but i would rather use a gnome orientated mail
client then a kde one, so its worh the odd sacrifice, and now have upgraded to
rh7, will there be a version comming out for rh 7 users?

Also there are a few thing that i think evolution lacks, like being
able to right click on an email addy and add to the contacts list and
the main one being in evolution is the lack of option settings, ie to be able to
choose what browser you want to vistit websites with if you get a link in an
email, ie they could have maybe a list of generic ones 9 netscape, mozilla,lynx
etc ) and also another option for you to choose your own browser 

                       Mark.c -- 

        'gnome sweet gnome'
                'start an evolution'

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