Re: [Evolution] suggestion

Nice feature. Other languages should be also supported.
What about "atachado" for the "es" users? xDDD

Yeah, I was thinking about that. To internationalize this
appropriately, you need to also deal with the possibility of languages
that either (a) have multiple common idioms for "attached", or (b)
have no common idiom, or use a word/phrase which is just as commonly
used to refer to something unrelated, and therefore shouldn't trigger
the code to ask the user.

Then there's the recurring problem of people who compose email in a
language other than their default locale's language... because even if
your menus are in Spanish, you want it to pick up on the word
"attached" when you're writing a message in English... (This issue
came up earlier for the case of "what language do you write `On DATE,
PERSON wrote:' in before quoted text?".) I'm wondering if maybe we
shouldn't have an (optional) little language pop-up menu... and then
maybe it could pick alternate signatures for you too... :)

-- Dan

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