Re: [Evolution] UI Suggestions

Jason Haar wrote:
That's really where I'm coming from. Currently the so-called standards
aren't up to this (please prove me wrong). LDAP is great for company-wide
addressbooks - but is crap for storing individuals addressbooks. And how
about sharing? What about calendaring? Yes there is a thing called iCal -
but where are the products that use it? All this will be sorted out in time,
but right now, if you want to have services that match Exchange and co,
you'll have to "do it your own way..."

I don't think this is particularly true in the case of iCal.  As well as
there exists the iTip and iMip protocols (transport independent and
mail) and CAP for shared calendar server stuff.  As for "what products
use this", who really cares?  This is the underlying storage and it can
represent the complexity required AFAIK.

FWIW, Outlook, Lotus, Sun, iPlanet all have or are about to have iCal
support to varying degrees.  I refer you to and the
related thread messages.

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