Re: [Evolution] More trouble with parsing e-mail addresses

And now when I try to reply to an e-mail I sent myself to see what
it puts into the To: and From: fields, Evo crashes.  Boy, this is
getting tiring.  Should I be filing bug reports about this, or
is it well enough known?

  Uhm, I have tried this now (I am using the current version from CVS),
and answering to my own mails works just fine.  Can you please provide a
stack trace?

I figured it's probably not something that happens every time.
I'm in the process of recompiling the latest evolution, bonobo,
gtkhtml, and oaf from CVS.  If it keeps happening then I'll try to
supply more debug info.

By the way, seems to have been unreachable
since at least yesterday.  What's up with that?


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