[Evolution] spell checking in 0.6

I know this has come up in the list before, but I was wondering which
packages need to be re-compiled to get spell checking working in
evolution 0.6?  libgtkhtml?  evolution?  both?  is it as simple as
compiling it?  I'm using the latest debian packages here and spelling
isn't working.

what happened to the talk (or am I imagining things?) of there being a
0.6.1 release to fix this (and other?) small issues?

evolution is great though!  keep up the good work.  a few things I look
forward to - maybe some of these are feature requests:

* being able to see unread messages in folder bar
* being able to store passwords without them displaying in the statusbar
when getting mail (has this changed?)
* a "don't tell me when I have no new mail" option
* an option to always edit mail in normal mode (maybe I don't completely
understand this)
* an option to not display all the formatting buttons in the composer
(if I'm editing plain text I don't need all this stuff)
* being able to view / edit mail whilst retreiving mail
* a way to check individual mail sources

once again, keep up the great work!


Chris Heywood

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