[Evolution] How to report Evolution bugs

BTW, what's the official way of reporting bugs for Evo ?
Bug-Buddy ? Then using which system ? Gnome or Helix ?
And where should they be sent ?

I don't know as there is an official way. It's not supported, so...

IMHO, the best way to report an Evolution bug is:

1) Search for your bug on bugzilla.helixcode.com. If you find it
there, then it's already been reported, and you're done.

2) If you're not on the evolution mailing list, skim the last few
weeks of archive at lists.helixcode.com to see if it's already been
discussed on the list.

4) Go to the #evolution channel on irc.gnome.org ask about your
problem. It may turn out that the bug actually was in bugzilla, you
just didn't find it because the organization of our bugzilla is pretty
confusing if you're not intimately familiar with how Evolution's
components are laid out. Or, it may be that the bug is not a bug in
Evolution, but a problem with something else on your system.

Talking to the developers on IRC is also useful because then we can
ask you questions about your system and what you were doing, and ask
you to try things to help narrow down the bug further.

5) Assuming you get this far and still have a bug to report, you have
a few choices. If you have a completely random crash that you cannot
reproduce at all, then either ignore it or use bug-buddy to report it
to either bugs.gnome.org or bugs.helixcode.com. (We ignore them both
equally :). If you have a reliable or semi-reliable crash, use
bug-buddy or gdb to gather data and send it to
evolution helixcode com 

For other bugs, sending mail (to evolution helixcode com) and having
us ponder it and enter it into bugzilla is probably easier than
entering the bug into bugzilla yourself. If you do enter the bug into
bugzilla, enter only a *single* bug per report; if you have multiple
problems, file multiple bug reports.

-- Dan

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