[Evolution] Debian - bonobo dependency interim solution

With regard to recent messages about the later version of bonobo being
picked up by apt-get, there is a simple way of forcing apt to hold
bonobo at version 0.23 (or whatever the current stable version is that
works with evolution 0.6).

o Ensure that libbonobo1 and bonobo version 0.23 .deb's are installed.
o Go into dselect, find the libbonobo1 and bonobo packages and select
'H' to hold the packages at their current version.
o Quit dselect. Further apt-get dist-upgrade commands will indicate that
these packages have been held back.

I'm presuming apt doesn't do this already to protect the dependencies, I
haven't checked recently.

Once, the next evolution version comes out the hold can be released

Happy updating and best wishes to the development team for a product
that is so rapidly growing in strength.

Rob Harrison

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