Re: [Evolution] Where do feature requests go?

[Sorry JP, the msg was meant for the list]

JP Rosevear wrote:

 I am interested in suggesting a few features but I do not know where to
put them and wether or not they are planned.
I apologize if they are forthcoming..

Mailing the list or adding them to is best.

But is there a list somewhere on the Helix site? Couldn't find it, and
it would turn in handy to avoid repetitions (also to see what's already
been implemented in the current version).

My major grips at the moment are keyboard navigation (impossible if you
open a message in a separate window, awkward in all other cases), wheel
mouse navigation (when you scroll the message list frame it opens the
message where you stop with the mouse wheel), the absence of drag and
drop and the impossibility of deleting messages (they're just canceled
with a thin line, but stay where they are).

But I've only started experimenting with this promising program, so
please tell me if there exists a wishlist and/or planned features file
to read before posting feature requests. Thanks.


Roberto Rosselli Del Turco      e-mail: rosselli cisi unito it
Dipartimento di Scienze                 rosselli ling unipi it
del Linguaggio                  Then spoke the thunder  DA
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