[Evolution] Re: Evolution and group calendaring

I have a client who wants me to replace Outlook on his system with
something Linux.  His specific need is to share his calendar with 1 or 2
people who can schedule things for him.  Specifically, he wants the
ability for the people to email him, and items goto his schedule.

Evolution is just now starting to have support for iTip scheduling,
which outlook 2000 can do.  This is an email base scheduling system.
Helix is also working on something to allow shared calendaring which we
hope to have ready for the 1.0 release of Evolution.

Small hoop jumping is fine.

Next he want to sync it with a palm/visor.

Conduit support is going into evolution.  Currently the todo and
calendar conduits are implemented, but people have caught some bugs.
I'm working on the addressbook conduit as well.  Hopefully most of this
stuff will find its way into 0.7 of evolution.

GPL is a major plus, and open source is probably a requirement (i.e. no

Well, just as a side note here I work full-time for helix and although
helix is a corporation everything we do is GPL/LGPL, as witnessed by the
fact evolution development is done in the open.  I also worked as a
volunteer on the gnome project for more than a year before being paid to
do it.

JP Rosevear                             jpr helixcode com
Helix Code Inc.                         http://www.helixcode.com

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