Re: [Evolution] SMTP -> "RCPT TO response error: Illegal seek:"

I believe I fixed this a few weeks ago. If you're still experiencing the
problem then you're entering the address wrong. For example:

Doe, John <john doe com>

That's an illegal address, the correct way to enter this would be:

"Doe, John" <john doe com>

In the first case it will try sending an email to "Doe" and "John
<john doe com>" and since "Doe" doesn't have a valid email address it
will have non-desirable effects.

Try that and see if the problem persists.


      This is just a minor nit, but when I select addresses from the
address book for sending (so that the To:  line looks like "John
Affleck" <jaffleck foo com> I get an error when I try to send:  Error
wile 'sending a message without a subject':  RCPT TO response error: 
Illegal seek:  mail not sent

      I'm sure it because of the formatting of the TO line (it works
fine if I type the address in as jaffleck foo com).  Evolution also
seems to have problems with other 'none-simple' addresses.  When I
reply to messages with recipients in Lastname, Firstname
<emailaddress> format, the message also fails to get sent.

      This is with a 'recent' CVS build.

      In an unrelated note, is it possible to filter on incoming IMAP
mail ?  I can get the filters to work OK with 'Apply Filters', but it
doesn't seem to happen automagically.

      Evolution is an excellent program.  I'm this close to being able
to switch over to it.  Keep up the outstanding work...


      John A.

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