Re: [Evolution] imap woes (2)

Hrm. works fine on this here Debian box. And the one at work...
(with no particular messing around, either - just compiled the
dependencies and got on with it...
* Richard (richard sheflug co uk) wrote on Sweetmorn, the 24th of The Aftermath, 3166 :
Dear All

Peter Williams wrote:

I'm having this problem too.... ev-mail and the shell seem to get stuck
in blocking CORBA requests... (GIOP things)...when ev-mail makes the
CORBA call to the shell to update the folder name in the list, it
usually updates one successfully, but the next one deadlocks somehow....
anyone with godly ORBit skillz have any idea?

I don't know anyone who can even begin to compile it on anything other
than a Red Hat system.  What happened to freedom and democracy ? 
Surely this kind of thing is something to do with Linux software ?



disgruntled SuSE user :(

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