Re: [Evolution] rendering of 8bit char problem

On Thu, Nov 09, 2000 at 09:54:26PM +0600, Larry Ewing wrote:

Are you certain that there isn't a stray html-editor-control process
alive from a previous install of gtkhtml?  What you are seeing should
not be happening with the current versions from CVS but would match up
well with previous versions.

That's possible, but I retried and now I'm sure there's only one process
running. Problem is still here ;-)
But I believe I have some useful information...

If you could exit evolution and run oaf-slay then restart evolution and
try viewing and typing 8bit again characters and tell me if it works I
would be very appreciative.  

I ran evolution. Problem still here. I exited and ran oaf-slay :

"Warning, this program may arbitrarily..."

then ran evolution again.
Problem here again. :-(

I thought we had taken care of these issues
and if we haven't I'd like to do it quickly.

It seems to be locale related : 

I killed every evolution/oafd/... process
export LANG=
Problem appears

I killed every evolution/oafd/html... process
export LANG=fr_FR
No 8 bits problem

And BTW what does this mean :

Error while preparing to rebuild message view :
No message list specified to regenerate.

I got this window while exiting evolution.



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