Re: [Evolution] rendering of 8bit char problem


I wanted to report that I can't display messages that contains 8 bits
char correctly.
Most of the message doesn't appear in the window (nor in the From and
subject field in the
message list). It seems gtkhtml fails to render after encountering first
8 bit character (accentuated).
I made a screenshot available at

And BTW, it seems impossible to write any 8bit character in the compose

Are you certain that there isn't a stray html-editor-control process
alive from a previous install of gtkhtml?  What you are seeing should
not be happening with the current versions from CVS but would match up
well with previous versions.

Latest CVS Evolution
Latest CVS gtkhtml

If you could exit evolution and run oaf-slay then restart evolution and
try viewing and typing 8bit again characters and tell me if it works I
would be very appreciative.  I thought we had taken care of these issues
and if we haven't I'd like to do it quickly.


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