Re: [Evolution] IMAP configuration

Error while 'Testing "imap://mylogin imap myisp/INBOX"'
IMAP server response did not contain LIST information

I know that my parameters are ok because they work pretty well under
Made I a mistake ?

Probably not your fault. First off, is this 0.6 or CVS evolution, and
do you know what IMAP daemon your IMAP server is running? If the
answers are 0.6 and Cyrus or Courier, I'm not surprised. Otherwise,
I'd be interested in seeing some debugging output, which you can get
by exiting Evolution and running

        CAMEL_VERBOSE_DEBUG=1 evolution-mail

in one terminal, waiting several seconds, and then running "evolution"
in another terminal. The evolution-mail terminal should print out
"sending:" and "received:" lines as it talks to the IMAP server, and
if you could send those, that would help us to debug the problem.
(Assuming it's not just the 0.6 cyrus/courier lossage.)

-- Dan

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