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bob ruptured-duck com wrote:
The bonobo packages are in the second source.

Ok. I got, from woody bonobo-0.26, but evolution can't work with anything
beyond 0.23, if I read things right. So I managed by hook and crook to
remove  the 0.26 deb, and built 0.23 from source. I couldn't see any other
way around it.

The way around it is to compile evolution from CVS :-)
I'm wondering if a solution to the mixed-prefix problem, /usr and /usr/local, is to
set up a chroot environment under, say, /home/bob, and create an instance of
Gnome there that would be totally derived from source tarballs, all built with
prefix=/usr.  Thoughts? (How do you guys get around it?)

You can do something like this with the GNOME_PATH environment variable.
ie. GNOME_PATH=/usr/local
And the OAF_INFO_PATH.  I have packages in /usr and sources in

JP Rosevear                             jpr helixcode com
Helix Code Inc.               

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