Re: [Evolution] Too many Evolution Preview 7 filters causes crashes - SOLVED

If I have 6 filters, everything is fine. I can get email from my POP
account; the filters move the mail properly to folders I've set up.

Hm, I have a lot more than 6 filters, and I have been using Evolution
from CVS since a while before 0.6 constantly, and I have never had this

So, as Jeff suggested, please send us your ~/evolution/local/filters.xml
file, and maybe then we can reproduce your problem on your machines.  I
don't think the problem is in the number of filters, rather it must be
in the filter themselves or something else going wrong somewhere.

Attached please find my filters.xml

I've fixed my problem.I deleted my filters.xml, and recreated all
filters from scratch. Now I have more than 6 filters.

On a semi-related note, when I create a new filter, and click on the
"Copy to folder" button, the folder list is
not alphabetized; it's shown in creation order.  So it's a bit odd,
seeing "MS Security Bulletins" listed *before* "BugTraq".

I think the folder list should be shown alphabetized at all times.

Anyway ... thanks for the help, everybody.
Michael J. Leone <mailto:turgon mike-leone com>
PGP Fingerprint: 0AA8 DC47 CB63 AE3F C739 6BF9 9AB4 1EF6 5AA5 BCDF

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