Re: [Evolution] gtkhtml inlined images

On Thu, 2 Nov 2000, Joe Shaw wrote:

This just sounds like you're asking for trouble, but I suppose images are
pretty safe. You could do this using the http bonobo moniker really
easily. :)

There are 2 main issues that I know of in downloading images.  The first
is simply bandwidth.  Some people would prefer not to spend their network
bandwidth on what is likely as not spam.

The other issue is that the site you download the image from knows you've
downloaded it.  This is firstly an issue if they're counting image
downloads as page views.  Secondly, and probably more importantly, you've
let them know that, a) that mail arrived and thus is a good address, and
b) This IP has downloaded images from us.  These both sound like decently
important issues.

However, the original person who asked about all this wasn't downloading
the image, but instead had the image as an attachment and was just using a
URL to the image (probably using Content-Identity, or whatever it is that
lets you give an attachment a URL.)  I'm curious if we've addressed the
issue that that person had.


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