Re: [Evolution] Timed filter? Maybe Perl plugin?

This is what On-Demand filters are for ;-)

Edit->Select All    Message->Apply Filters

You can have a filter rule set up so that mail that is older than a
month is deleted.


I know this sounds silly (and I have been doing it myself) but I'd like
a filter for old mail.  Or, more to the point, I'm on a few mailing
lists that I only sometimes read.  Examples are linux-kernel, type2 (VW
air cooled cars) and such.  All of them are very high traffic and there
are times I browse them, but there are other times I am really into it
(like when I'm rebuilding my engine or testing a 2.4pre kernel).  

What I'd really like is a filter to "Delete message a month old in this
folder (or vFolder) only".  This keeps my folders small enough to deal
with because who really needs a years worth of kernel traffic in a
folder?  Some times it might be a little more wacky than that so I
thought about coding something in perl, but I'd need info like vFolder,
date, subject, size, and such.  

Is there a plugin type filter dealy planned?  Even post 1.0?

Or does this sound silly and I should just select / Delete / Expunge?


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