Re: [Evolution] Redraw glitch

Zach Frey <zfrey lanich com> writes:

When I start up Evolution with an IMAP provider, it takes a *long*
time to create the IMAP folders because it ends up scanning my entire
home directory (RH6.2, default IMAP provider).  I know, this is being
worked on, but that's not the issue.

While it's taking this time, I minimize Evolution, and then restore.
The shortcut and folder bars redraw, but the actual message panes
do not.  So, I get these big blank spots where they are supposed to

This is normal.  The toplevel Evolution shell and the components
(mail, calendar, addresbook) live in different processes.  So your
shell process is running and refreshing its part of the screen, but
the mailer is blocking.


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