Re: [Evolution] wish-list (again)

I forgot NNTP/NEWS and HTTPS(128bit Secure) administation stuff should be

Cool huh?


t0ny de almEida l0pes
[someone sonic net]

*looks up* flex ya spirit man. yigga-yaw!


From: Dylan van Iersel <dylan tcw2 ppsw rug nl>
Date: Thu, 25 May 2000 06:53:05 +0200
To: Helixcode Evolution <evolution helixcode com>
Subject: [Evolution] wish-list (again)

Hi all,

We've heard that there is no evolution server, BUT is there going to?
I mean, is your current devlopment aimed at developing a server in a next

Another q: do you have some design overview, you know, a nice picture :-) ?



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