Re: [Evolution] Cannot open location

Hi again,

I belive so, however, i will recompile it ALL again from scratch.

I let you know how it went when im finsihed.

Anyway, thanks !

On 11 May 2000, Ettore Perazzoli wrote:

    Daniel> I once built  oaf and bonobo with oaf  support. But then i
    Daniel> removed it  all an recompiled  Bonobo whitout it.   So the
    Daniel> verson that im runing now should be "oaf free".

    Daniel> At least i dont have any oafd running.

    Daniel> And i still get this problem "Cannot open location"

  Did  you  actually  recompile  everything  from  scratch  after  you
installed the new OAF-free Bonobo?

Daniel Persson  

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