[Evolution] re: My first try with evolution

It did take a very long time to make the index.

With this machine it summarises and indexes around .5-1MB/second.

I might be able to maybe double that by lazily writing out
the x-evolution headers afterwards (or at expunge), on the other
hand, it should only need to be done completely once (unless
something fails) (although right now it will rebuild a little
too readily).  I dont think it can be made to really go much
faster than that though.

The searching took a long time too (larry is about to commit something
which might speed this up).  It was funny to see the shortcut bar sliding
along while the mail part's UI was blocked :)

Are these asynchronous actions?

No.  It will require ... ta da ... threads.

But right now most of the time (like >>90%, more the bigger the
mailbox is) is spent with e-table rendering the new message list.

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