Re: [Evolution] My first try with evolution

That's sweet!


On 3 May 2000, Jacob Berkman wrote:

Hey dudes,

So I decided to try evolution on my 90 MB mail spool from since October
(this ended up being ~22564 emails).

It made it all the through the file, and didn't crash.  

Memory usage for etable-mailer:  42032  10M  8220,
which doesn't seem _too_ bad.

Some file sizes:

91460 inbox
 3236 inbox-ev-summary
 5776 inbox.ibex

Selecting individual mails from the etable was fast, and i actually did
find a message with a png attachment and it showed up nicely inline.

It did take a very long time to make the index.

The searching took a long time too (larry is about to commit something
which might speed this up).  It was funny to see the shortcut bar sliding
along while the mail part's UI was blocked :)

Here is a screenshot (too bad the toolbar is messed):

Anyway, nice job dudes.


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