Re: [Evolution] smpt auth

On Mon, 26 Jun 2000 15:20:14 +0100
 "Iersel, D. van" <D vanIersel kpn com> wrote:
#I've just switched to a new provider, but I would like to continue to use my
#old e-mail-adress. My previous provider's smtp-server doesn't do any
#relay'ing for mail which doesn't originate from its domain, unless it is
#from an authenticated user. I looked at some e-mail clients as wether they
#support this 'feature' but none of them seems to suppport it. So, my
#question is really: 
#Does Evolution currently support, or will support in the future, smpt user

Almost all of them do support SMTP-authentication.  At home or on the road our
users have to GET/CHECK new messages before being allowed to send.  That's when
the SMTP authentication takes place.  Some will even prompt you for a password
if you just compose a message without checking email messages first and that'll
work also.  If you've tried Netscape Messenger or Outlook Express without any
luck then it's probably not going to relay unless your logged in with an account
from that ISP.

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