RE: [Evolution] feature request Remote backup

I'm aware of that that functionality is available if you have that sort of
client server architecture.  But I'm thinking more of a small business which
isn't large enough/cash rich enough to have a server.  Also, IMAP allows
just the email messages (although argueably, any arbitrary file can be
attached to a message, so it's rather a moot point, personally I'd just as
soon only have to specify a folder).  Also, it only allows information that
comes through that IMAP server, whereas I have email coming from five or six
different accounts.  So while IMAP is a good solution as far as it goes, it
doesn't provide quite the functionality that I desire.

Tom M.
TomM pentstar com

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this is exactly what IMAP is all about.  When I redo a computer at work for
someone all of their email is still up on the server...all 100MB of it.

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