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Subject: [Evolution] Todo lists

Many todo lists have only two states for the todo - done or not done.
Additionally, they do not allow for updates/actions that have 
been done
regarding the todo.

What I propose is adding a 'partially completed state'- that 
allows for
tracking progress along a todo.  I would also add an area for 
notes about the todo to further describe it's state of progress, etc.

For instance a todo of setting up an appointment

begin todo

Call Sue's secretary and set up an appointment in the near future...

note 1) called Sue, her secretary set up a tentative date of 
DD/MM/YY, she
should give a solid confirmation or change of plans this monday

note 2)  Sues secratry called, the new appointment date is DD/MM/YY

end todo

Are you seeing these as just notes attached to the task?  I'd like to see
the option to have "complete able" notes as part of a larger task.  The
categories feature in outlook just doesn't quite cut it, for what I need to
do.  I need to be able to have groups of tasks under a single task.  One of
my co-workers has written something that's part of what we'd like, but it's
not a part of my mail client, it's webased, so I don't use it that much.
Anyway, I'll try to get a generic copy online to look at someplace, it's
definitely better than the tasks thing that's in outlook, at least for tech
support people.

Now for an individual working on their own, this is less 
important.  But
when you are working with a group of people, it's important 
to know wheter a
task has been initialized and what state the task is in.  To 
my knowledge,
most task/todo list software does not have this 
functionality.  The best
implementation to my mind would be using a nesting widget ie 
a rotating
triangle that you click on to expand/colapse a thread ( I 
seem to vaguely
recall Netscapes newsgroup functionality doing this, it seems 
more intuitive
to me then the + in a box widget, but either way is fine.  I 
suppose the +
in a box would be better because of consistency...)

I think that a lot of them offer similar functionality, but I could be
mistaking what exactly you're talking about.  I'll have to compile evolution
again and take a look at the to-do list thing that's in there and see how it
compares to Outlook.  Actually, I have to say that I like the twisty arrows
better, but that might be just me.

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