Re: [Evolution] Evolution and libxml

On Tue, 6 Jun 2000, Dan Winship wrote:

I got a question about which libxml to use.. I recently upgraded to Gnome
1.2 by downloading the source code and install the whole bunch. Including

I don't think libxml2 is part of GNOME 1.2...

Ok Good point...  Guess i was a bit too fanatic in installing new
things. :)

Everthing appears to work fine, but when i compile and run
evolution it constantly crashes.. after a few sessions with gdb, i figured
out that i used the wrong libxml, 2 instead of 1..

It shouldn't even be possible to configure or compile Evolution with
libxml 2.0.

configure goes fine, no problems at all.. In fact most defines in the
Makefiles point to the includes from xml2 (../include/libxml ).. Good
thing evolution explicitly includes <gnome-xml/...> 

Compile goes wrong.. But is appears the changes are relatively small to
make it work. 

Maybe it would be an idea to include a check for the xml version in the

Now the question is should i remove the xml2 and stick to xml for

Thanks :)

Or will evolution be converted to be able to use xml2?

Probably eventually, but not until libxml1 has been declared dead, or
at least terminally ill.

-- Dan



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