Re: [Evolution] GTKHTML problem?

 I filed a bug report about this. 

 I don't think your installation of Gtkhtml broke anything. It really 
is a theming problem.

 It seems help browser does not really read the theme spec. Try this 
and you will see some changes. Go to control center, under theme, 
change theme then change back without ever applying. Now that you are 
back on your original theme, click Apply, because now you can. Look at 
your help browser: the white background has changed to whatever your 
theme backg is. Of course, this is just a way to show the real 

 Somehow, someone put something like set_background(white) or 
whatever. Because, when you force it to reread the theme, all goes 

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On 6/5/00, 8:33:32 PM, Rob Brown-Bayliss <rob zoostation cc> wrote 
regarding [Evolution] GTKHTML problem?:


I recently downloaded gtkhtml form cvs, so I was not expecting 
but it compiled (as did evolution).

I have a small problem since  thn with the gnome help browser, and I
don't actually know that gtkhtml is the problem, but I can now get the
table of contents, look at the help guide, do a whatis:

But if I do man:somepage I get a white blank page.  Is this a problem
with gnome help and gtkhtml?  Or have I managed to break some thing


  Rob Brown-Bayliss

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