[Evolution] Evolution and libxml

Hi Guys,

I got a question about which libxml to use.. I recently upgraded to Gnome
1.2 by downloading the source code and install the whole bunch. Including
libxml2.. Everthing appears to work fine, but when i compile and run
evolution it constantly crashes.. after a few sessions with gdb, i figured
out that i used the wrong libxml, 2 instead of 1..  Now the question is
should i remove the xml2 and stick to xml for now.. Or will evolution be
converted to be able to use xml2? Or maybe both depending on the outcome 
of some ./configure. If this on a todo list, i'm willing to go ahead an
try to do it..



"That i'm paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get me!"
Hugo Trippaers (HT2-6BONE)      Knoware BV
System Engineer (RHCE)          an ISION company
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