[Evolution] MS Rich Text support?

Hi folks, excellent project. Pardon a question from a mailing-list lurker:
can anyone discuss the state of possible support for "Microsoft Rich-text"
emails, the sort that give me pain as I try to administer a flock of
Outlook98 clients under a sendmail server? Simplistically, can Evolution
create and/or read this format? They are encapsulated with an MS-TNEF MIME
type, and I have had some success scanning these messages for virii by
modifying the AMaViS procmail script with a "tnef2txt" utility I got from
some site whose name escapes me. I understand that TNEF is supposed to be an
open format, but I can't speak at this time to how much extra proprietary
nonsense goes on with these messages as I haven't done sufficient digging to
Any comments from someone more authoritative would enlighten me.
Thanks much in advance. I hope to get my linux development chops up to the
point of contributing sometime in the near future, so I can give back.

any opinions or comments I express are my own and do not represent the views
my employer.

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