Re: [Evolution] wish-list (MS-Exchange support != MAPI support)

Miguel de Icaza wrote:

So i will try to figure out more information about the Exchange protocol,
but gimme some hints how to do it.

Well, there are various avenues:

        1. Talking to HP and get client libraries to talk to their HP
           OpenMail product (which is an Exchange replacement).

        2. Talking to a Microsoft representative, and escalate the
           problem until we can talk to someone that knows where the
           documentation is, and can provide it.

           I am convinced that the various pieces of information that
           are used to talk to Exchange are public, and it is just a
           problem of nobody knowing or caring what the protocol is.

        3. Pay Microsoft for technical manuals, memorandums, whatever
           that describe the protocol.

I think I might be able to accomplish 2 or 3. It's nice working for a
large company sometimes ;)

        4. Have someone scan the various groups, web sites,
           information sites and so on to track those down.


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