RE: [Evolution] options on download

Maybee it could be done in a way like, let's say, messages that may be
duplicated because of a matching headers are only partial downloaded (the
first n-lines) and moved to a special folder, where the user can delete or
check or do whatever he want ...

and IMHO it is VERY important, that partial download stuff!! I knew lot`s
of remote users which only have a 9600 baud connection via mobile
phone... THEY will not use this software, if this option is not

best regards

On Fri, 2 Jun 2000, Sejal Patel wrote:

On Fri, 2 Jun 2000, Tom Musgrove wrote:

Some sort of filtration so that duplicate messages (say those that are cc'd
to multiple lists that I'm on, or cc'd to me when I'm on the list...) are
automatically skipped/filtered?  I'm currently getting three copies of many
of these messages, and while it's not a major problem, it does add 5 seconds
for each additional message, which can add up... again as an option, not a
default <grin>.  I assume this would go under whatever evolutions filtering
policy is.  Could this be done by matching headers (since that seems like

As much as I'd love to see something like this happen, I don't forsee it
as being a very safe thing to do.  I can probably think of 3 different
ways to totally screw up users that do use this feature and I'm sure that
there are many people who can come up with more stuff.  It just isn't
something that would be safe to do even if you did some kind of md5
verification of the message headers and content.  After all, we don't want
to allow unsafe code or else people will start mistaken us for micro$oft.

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