Re: [Evolution] options on download

we will support IMAP, I have a huge chunk of it coded already...

I still don't agree with the 10K thing, but the rest I fully agree with


On Thu, 01 Jun 2000, Ron Chmara wrote:
Date: Thu, 01 Jun 2000 21:12:25 -0700
To: John Griffiths <john capmon com>
From: Ron Chmara <ron opus1 com>
Subject: Re: [Evolution] options on download

John Griffiths wrote:
allow me to illustrate;
i receive about 300 messages a day of which maybe 10% will have 500kb+
pdf files attached to them
at home i'm on a 28kbs line
if evolution insists on downloading the entirety of every message i
will be forced with great sadness to look elsewhere for an email client.
It's just not an option for me.
people like me may be a small part of your prospective user group.
but do you really want to lose all of us?

At 11:28 PM 6/1/2000 EDT, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
I can picture it now...
"Why is my message truncated!?! Bug in Evolution!!!"
this wouldn't be a good thing :)

My dos centavos...

Standard (default)for POP3:
Download all of the message block, with an option to stop the
current message download, with a follow up dialog (DO you wish to
cancel entire session?). Put stop buttons in the progress window.
List overall size, and use a proportional (by size) progress bar.

Cool POP3 _options_:
Offer a "first 10K only" preference. I have to respectfully disagree that
stopping a sesion and starting a new one is too inefficient, it is much,
more efficient than downloading a 30Mb mailbox. Yes, I can (and do) get
30Mb of mail in one day. On a modem, it takes a while.

Standard (default) for IMAP:
Download headers and body text only, with the same options to stop.

Cool IMAP _options_:
Downloading header only.  Always strip attachments.

If it doesn't support IMAP, well, for me, it's pretty much useless.
And if it supported POP _or_ IMAP for a given server entry, when
the download session was started, that would be even nicer....

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