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On Thu, 1 Jun 2000, Gregory Leblanc wrote:
Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2000 20:01:50 -0700 
To: evolution helixcode com
From: Gregory Leblanc <GLeblanc cu-portland edu>
Subject: RE: [Evolution] options on download

ok, the simplest way, in this case, is not the right way.  The message
headers and bodies should be downloaded first, regardless of anything
Any binary attachments should be downloaded after all of the header and
plain-text mime portions are downloaded.  That way, I can read ALL of my
mail, from oldest to newest, and not have the silly scheduling problem
you mentioned above.  

do you even have the foggiest idea how POP works? This is possible to do in
IMAP, but not POP
in POP, you either download the header (completely useless if you want to
read an email) or you download the entire message, there is no way to
download ONLY the text section of the message, this just isn't doable

the only (efficient/practical) way to do it would be the method I described

no need to grab a header and no need to check for mime attachments

Without doing those, you don't know how to download things, and get into
scheduling messes.  

scheduling messes? HUH!?!?

if anyone feels up to patching 
/evolution/camel/providers/pop3, feel free
but I don't think anyone here has any intent on implementing 
that feature

No, not going to volunteer personally, nobody likes Pascal.  8^)

I dunno, I thought Pascal was kinda neat back in 11th grade :-)
Then I found C...but that's beside the point


Spruce: I'm gonna hold the world hostage for 1 MILLION dollars! Muhahaha! I
mean billion.

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