Re: [Evolution] options on download

Star Ofiice just brings the headers down right now....

At 06:37 PM 6/1/2000 -0400, Sejal Patel wrote:
On Thu, 1 Jun 2000, Tom Musgrove wrote:

will take the longest to download.  Or to have a method of retrieving only
the headers and marking messages to delete before they are downloaded from
the server.  As it is, my mailbox is essentially DoSed until I finally
succeed in downloading the message...  Is this something that would be
possible to do?

I do remember Microsoft Exchange doing this in one of there original
releases and I actually found that to be extremely helper (as would any
modem and/or slow connection user).  I've not looked into how they did
that at all since I forgot all about it until now but I'd be glad to do
some code on that stuff if someone wants to help me figure out if it is
possible to simply download the headers and then manually select which
messages to download off of the server based on the message indexes or
something ...

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