Re: [Evolution] options on download

Something that Outlook does which really annoys me, is it attempts
download enormous messages, and won't go on to the next until it does

        You can turn this option off in Outlook, as I'm sure you've
already figured out. You can tell it that you don't want to download
messages larger than 'n' size, or those from 'n' recipient, etc. I'm not
at all advocating Outlook here, but they are already options. 

What I'd like, is be able to skip over messages that are extremely
large (i.e. stuff with .pdf, .doc, .xls, etc. attachments), and
download them last, since they will take the longest to download.  Or
to have a method of retrieving only the headers and marking messages
to delete before they are downloaded from the server.  As it is, my
mailbox is essentially DoSed until I finally succeed in downloading
the message...  Is this something that would be possible to do?

        Actually, it would be better if the servers themselves recognized
a common compression protocol for attachments, and would pack them all
together in one shot, bring down mail, then send you the equivalent of a
'package' (like rpm/deb) for your attachments. When that 'package' reaches
your system, the attachments are 'unpacked' and linked to the right

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