[Evolution] Re-receiving email

I have been using evolution 0.3.1 for my email client for the last day,
and I have noticed that when I receive my mail from the server it works
find, then if I hit Get mail again before there is any new mail, the
last message received from the server in the last Get mail is received
again.  This happens until new mail arrives, then starts again with the
last message from the new mail batch.  I am receiving my mail over pop,
if this helps.

The other thing I noticed, is when your composing a message, if your
cursor is on a line and you hit end, you goto the end of your message,
not the the end of the line, I'm not sure how this is suppost to react
but seems a bit strange when the cursor jumps to the end of your
signature and you have to figure out where you are, the same with home
going to row one char one of the email.


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