Re: [Evolution-hackers] Re: [Evolution] evolution 0.3 mbox config bug

Note that the traditional syntax would be "mailbox:/a/b/c" 
(or "mbox:/a/b/c") as in "file:/a/b/c".  Saying "mailbox://a/b/c"
would imply that "a" is a hostname, not a path component.

Exactly. The problem is that a bug was introduced into the config
dialog at the last minute that resulted in the path having an extra /
prefixed, so you type /a/b/c and it mistakenly ends up generating
mbox://a/b/c, which the URL code misinterprets. Adding the extra slash
in gets you mbox:///a/b/c, which as you mentioned is equivalent to
mbox://localhost/a/b/c, aka mbox:/a/b/c.

As for "mbox" rather than "mailbox", that's just how Bertrand wrote it
long ago. I hadn't actually realized Netscape used URLs to refer to
mailboxes. There's no reason we couldn't change it, although it may
end up becoming "file:" instead and having something that
distinguishes between mbox, maildir, and MH style folders.

-- Dan

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