[Evolution] IMAP nits.

This is looking good. A few nits, though:

I tested IMAP with the U Washington server on my local system.
To make my unix folders in ~/Mail show up as IMAP folders, I had to
enter "//home/jk/Mail" as path. The extra / can't be right.

I had to stop and start Evolution for the configuration to "take".

The IMAP INBOX no longer showed up when I set the path. I guess the
path is intended to be the personal namespace as specified in RFC
2342. If so, this is a bug. RFC 2342 specifies that INBOX must appear
within the personal namespace.

I tried to add another mail source with no path to get at INBOX. But
then the original mail source had disappered next time I started

With no path, evolution asks the server to list all files on my
account. There's a lot of them, so there should be a limit. (I guess
you are planning to add the "only list subscribed" option at some
point, but a limit would be useful anyway, or at least a way to tell
it to stop.)

Tha mail source type is called IMAPv4. In fact, from reading the code
it looks like Evolution only supports IMAPv4rev1. IMAPv4 is an
obsolete variant which nobody uses - except my wife! I guess I can
come up with some code for plain IMAPv4 if there is any interest - I
have contributed IMAPv4 support to mutt in the past.

Jon Kåre

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