Re: [Evolution] Fix for outlook folders at root level

Are you running the latest CVS? I believe I fixed that problem (I could be
wrong though). I don't believe the problem was in get_summary, it was in
camel_imap_command_extended I believe (and a number of other places

let me see if I can reconstruct the problem...

problem code:
                if (url && url->path && strcmp (folder->full_name, "INBOX"))
                        folder_path = g_strdup_printf ("%s%s%s", url->path + 1, dir_sep,
                        folder_path = g_strdup (folder->full_name);

fixed code:
                if (url && url->path && *(url->path + 1) && strcmp (folder->full_name,
                        folder_path = g_strdup_printf ("%s%s%s", url->path + 1, dir_sep,
                        folder_path = g_strdup (folder->full_name);

let me explain: we need to check that the url path isn't just "/" because
the '/' is really just separates the host from the namespace, take the
following url for example:

imap://fejj helixcode com/mail

In this example, "/mail" is the url->path, but we've got to strip the
leading '/' off because that's not really part of the namespace. Now that
you've seen an example of a url with a namespace, lets look at one that
does not contain a namespace:

imap://guest tazmanian-devil helixcode com/

In this example, the imap daemon does not use a namespace but notice that
url->path == "/", now - applying the original code and selecting a folder
called Storage, we get "/Storage"

tada ;-)

Sorry I missed you on IRC this morning


On 21 Jul 2000, michael cardenas wrote:
Date: 21 Jul 2000 12:47:08 +0500
To: <evolution helixcode com>
From: michael cardenas <mbc deneba com>
Subject: [Evolution] Fix for outlook folders at root level

Ok, I haven't been able to confirm my fix because it semes like none of
the changes I make are making any difference in the output of the
program. Maybe the library is loaded outside of evolution and I need to
force it to unload somehow, but whatever. 

From looking at the debug output, I can se the problem. 

When selecting a folder, which I assume goes to the function
-first you select the folder with the name alone:
ie. for a folder named Storage...

sending: A00079 SELECT Storage

-this succeeds and you examine Storage
-then you status Storage to get the number of mesages. this succeeds
-then, strangely, you select /Storage

sending: A00082 SELECT /Storage

which fails with

recieved: A00082 NO Mailbox name is invalid.

at which point you bail out. All of this takes place in
imap_get_summary, but my changes are apparently not doing anything, and
I can't break into the library yet. I'll keep trying to get it to
compile, I think you just have to change imap_command_extended, which
tries to select the folder first, and is apparently doing it wrong.
Maybe this is just for exchange folders, or maybe its just for folders
at the root level. Not sure yet. 

I'm really enjoying using evolution though. The tree view for replies to
messages is very cool. 

michael cardenas                 
mcarde02 fiu edu - The evolution has begun...

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