Re: [Evolution] Evolution 0.2 RPMs

There are two updates available: one containing the packages needed to
run evolution, and one containing the development packages needed to
compile the evolution tarball.

I have a really good suggestion which I am actually stealing from Owen 
Taylor and his 'pango' project :)

Create RPMs using a different name than the standard i.e. gnome-vfs-ev, 
bonobo-ev, etc.

Also make sure they do not install in /usr (perhaps they should install 
in a /evolution directory or something). That way this will not 'clobber' 
different installations just for trying to play with Evolution (for 
example, I am hacking on gnome-vfs, I don't want to install a gnome-vfs 
RPM that will screw up my hacking/testing).

People may also need to run different RPMs for different packages.

Anyway - the way pango does it is install 'gtk+-gtkss' into /opt/pango or 
something like that. That way it does not clobber the Gtk+ RPM and it 
does not install files where they will get in the way.


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