[Evolution] Re-Send: HTML mail formatting display problems

I have no idea why the previous email showed up with no formatting
whatsoever, so I'll try again.

I've noticed the following behavior in Preview 8. This email has the
format set to "HTML".

This is  bold.
This is italic.
This is underlined.
This is struck-thru.

OK. In my composer window, bold, underlined, and struck thru all appear
as they should (actually bolded, underlined and struck thru). But the
"italic" line is NOT in italics. It just shows as a smaller size of the
normal font. However, when I send this same test message to my Yahoo
mail account, the "italic" line actually appears in italics.

IOW, Evo is *doing* the italic formatting; it's just not properly
showing it to *me* in the composer window.

Also, I see this behavior with the font sizes.

This is size -2.
This is size -1.
This is size +1
This is size +2
This is size +3
This is size +4

In my composer window, everything appears as the normal (i.e., size 0)
font. There is no visible differences in size. Nor do they appear
different sizes in the mail received at Yahoo.

Is this a bug? Theme-dependent (I have changed themes, but saw no
difference)? Not yet fully implemented?

Michael J. Leone <mailto:turgon mike-leone com>
PGP Fingerprint: 0AA8 DC47 CB63 AE3F C739 6BF9 9AB4 1EF6 5AA5 BCDF

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