Re: [Evolution] No text in message list and no message headers...

Mike Leone wrote:

On 29 Dec 2000 15:21:18 -0800, TonyP wrote:

I have made a bit of a mess out of my lib's. I'm not getting any text in the message list and it's not showing any text in the header or message. I also cannot type when composing a new message. I'm running RH6.1

The last version worked great, this one does too I just can't see any of my messages... :-(

Any help would be apperciated...

Close Evo. Change your theme to "default", and then re-start Evo. See if
that makes your text re-appear.

I've tried that twice, no luck. :( any other ideas? I think it's one of my libs but I don't know which one.



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