[Evolution] IMAP bugs, Composer feature request (not previous Bonobo/gtkhtml problems)

I am running evolution 0.8 on both RedHat 6.2 and 7.0 with all the
latest Helix Gnome updates.  I use a netscape messenger IMAP server
stunnel'd to localhost.


(1) When I "Get Mail", new mail appears in the Folders summary (INBOX
will become highlighted and the number of new messages in parenthesis is
correct) but the new mail will not show up in the INBOX message list
(and hence I can't read it).    When I quit evolution and restart it,
the new message shows up in the inbox message list.

(2) Sometimes mail in one folder will show up in another folder's
message list.  I saw no pattern to this (nothing special that I can see
about the messages which popped up in the wrong folder when viewed on
Evolution).  These messages displayed in the correct folder under
Netscape Mail.  It seemed to happen more often in earlier Evo. releases,
but I have since deleted the earlier offending messages, so there is no
way for me to tell if the same messages are incorrectly displayed in

(3) Composer feature request:  Tab does not take you from the
To:/CC:/BCC:/Subject: lines into the message body.  I would like to be
able to tab from Subject: to the message body rather than have to click
on it with the mouse to begin typing.

Anyone else having these problems?

I checked bugzilla to see if these were already there, but didn't submit
them to bugzilla in case these were more examples of things which are
unimplemented and every knows about except me :).

Keep up the great work!

Thanks-  Troy

Troy Carter
tcarter princeton edu

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